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About Missing Peace

Why Missing Peace?

Since the war in Gaza in 2009 Israel’s position in the world has further eroded, the publication of the Goldstone report has aggravated this situation.

In Israel this has caused a public debate about the country’s public relations.

Missing Peace aims to improve the supply of reliable information and to influence opinions about the Middle East in Europe.

Who are the people behind Missing Peace

Missing Peace is an initiative of ex-members from the Israel Facts Monitor group in Israel, a group mainly consisting of Dutch immigrants; members of WAAR (a Dutch monitor organization) and Israeli Middle East- and media experts.

Mission of Missing Peace

The name Missing Peace was chosen because of the double meaning in the pronunciation.

Although the Arab Israeli conflict is covered on a daily basis and the foreign press is overabundant represented in Israel, a piece of the information which is presented about Israel and the Mid East conflict is structural missing.

Providing better and more complete information will contribute to a better understanding of the complex situation in Israel and the Middle East. Missing Peace aims to be an independent source of information about the Middle East.

By providing complete and reliable information we hope to foster better understanding about Israel and the Middle East in Europe. Ultimatelya better understanding of this situation will contribute to the foreign efforts to achieve peace in the region.

A region where peace has been absent for more than 62 years now.