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Palestinians step up terror campaign as evidence emerges PA is organizing it

By Missing Peace

Less than four days after Fatah terrorists murdered an Israeli couple in front of their four young children it is becoming clear that the Palestinians want another Intifada.

On Saturday, a 19-year old Palestinian Arab from the Palestinian town of El-Bireh near Ramallah murdered two Israeli men and wounded a woman and a baby with a knife in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The terrorist, Muhammad Halabi, was shot and killed by Israeli police officers after he grabbed the gun of one of his victims and fired at the security forces that had arrived at the scene of the attack. A day before he embarked on his murderous mission he wrote on his Facebook page “The Third Intifada is here.”

He appeared to be influenced by the incitement campaign about the supposed Israeli threats against the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount. Halabi, who was a student at Jerusalem’s Al-Quds University wrote the following on his FB page:

“According to what I see, the Third Intifada has erupted. What is happening to al-Aqsa (Mosque) is what is happening to our holy sites, and what is happening to the women of al-Aqsa is what is happening to our mothers and women. I don’t believe that our people will succumb to humiliation. The people will indeed rise up.”

Halabi’s remarks about the Palestinian women on the Temple Mount had to do with the Israeli ban on the Islamist female group Murabitat, who used to harass Jewish visitors to the Mount.

Shortly after the deadly stabbing attack more Palestinian violence was reported in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. The light rail in Jerusalem was once again stoned by Arabs in the Shuafat neighborhood in northeast Jerusalem and a second stabbing attack by an Arab terrorist moderately wounded a 15-year old Jewish boy in the Mamilla mall.

An Israeli Arab was attacked and wounded in the vicinity of Kiryat Arab by a mob of Palestinian Arabs who took him for a Jew. The ambulance that took the Israeli to a hospital was stoned and an IDF army jeep that chased after the rock-throwers was attacked with a fire bomb and went up in flames.

At the same time, Palestinian Arabs fired at an IDF checkpoint near Beth El in Samaria and several other shooting attacks were reported in the Israeli city of Lod, Jerusalem, Ma’aleh Adumim and Cochav Ya’acov. Two Israeli minors were reportedly injured in these attacks.

The stabbing attack in the Old City drew a response from groups of Jews in downtown Jerusalem. An Arab taxi driver was attacked by a group Jews who chanted “Death to the Arabs” and violent clashes between groups of Jews and Arabs broke out in the Mamilla pedestrian mall outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. In the area of Neve Tzuv and the Palestinian city, Nablus cars belonging to Palestinian Arabs were stoned, probably by Jews.

After three days of silence, the Palestinian Authority finally responded to the deadly terror attacks on Thursday and Saturday. The PA called upon the world to intervene because of Israel’s ‘policy of escalation’ and “the killing of two young men in occupied Jerusalem and the series of incursions into cities and villages in the West Bank.” The “two young men” the PA mentioned it its statement were the two terrorists that were shot dead after the murders of the Henkin family and the deadly stabbing in Jerusalem.

WAFA,  the official Palestinian news agency, published the statement by PA spokesman Ihab Bseiso who did not mention the terror attacks that killed four Israelis and wounded at least six others but again claimed that Israel tries to “divide the Al-Aqsa mosque”.

The Arab language website of WAFA manipulated the news about the deadly stabbing attack in Jerusalem. The WAFA report said that the “occupation army” (IDF) had killed a young Palestinian “who allegedly was involved in a stabbing attack in occupied Jerusalem.” The English web page told a different story: “a Palestinian, 19-year-old Mohannad Halabi from Ramallah, was shot dead after he stabbed and killed two Jewish extremists in Jerusalem’s Old City.”

Earlier WAFA and other Palestinian media had spread a false report about the death of a six-year-old Palestinian boy near the city of Qalqilyah. The Palestinian media reported that a “Jewish settler” had shot and killed the boy, but both the IDF and Israeli media reported that the kid died because he and his brother played with a loaded gun.

Other evidence that the Palestinian Authority is not only fanning the flames in the escalation of violence but is the organizing force behind what Israel’s leading newspaper Yediot Acharonot calls the Third Intifada, came from Jordanian journalist Mudar Zahran.

Zahran tweeted a link to the Facebook page of Palestinian refugee camp Amiri that showed that PA security forces were actively involved in organizing violent riots.

Intifada 3

The incitement that played a large part in the escalating violence since the riots at the Temple Mount on the eve of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) was also responsible for massive stone throwing that occurred on Route 60 between Jerusalem and Hebron on Sunday morning.

A source in the Israeli security forces in the area of Al-Arub and Beit Umar, two Palestinian villages along Route 60 in Judea, told Western Journalism that muezzin of the central mosque in Beit Umar broadcasted an audio recording of the fatal stabbing attack in Jerusalem during the morning prayers. A Jewish woman, probably the wounded mother, could be heard screaming “Please save us.” Shortly afterward the massive rock-throwing on Route 60 began.

Arabs in the same area had earlier celebrated the death of the Henkin couple who were murdered by Palestinian terrorists in front of their four little children on Thursday. They handed out sweets and shot fireworks. The murder on Nehemia Lavi (41) and Aharon Benneth (21) on Saturday was celebrated too. Arabs set up a Facebook page in honor of Muhammad Halabi, the terrorist who stabbed the two Jews to death. The page gained more than 2000 likes in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the IDF has started a crackdown on Palestinian terrorist. The elite unit Duvdevan arrested scores of Palestinian suspects during early-morning raids in the Palestinian cities Nablus and Jenin in Samaria. The IDF has also reinforced its presence in Judea and Samaria and is reportedly preparing incursions in villages and cities that ere known to be hotbeds of terrorism.

Other measures taken by Israel include a ban on prayer in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem for Muslims younger than 50 years and a partly closure of the Old City in Jerusalem for Muslims. Buses with Muslim worshippers that were on their way to the Al=Aqsa mosque were stopped by Israeli police and sent back to where they departed.