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ISIS to Palestinians: Go Murder Jews Now

By Missing Peace

Times of Israel (TOI) editor-in-chief David Horovitz wrote an op-ed in which he stated two things about the current wave of Arab terror against Jews.

It’s not an uprising against the so-called occupation but an uprising against Israel, Horovitz says.

“The perpetrators of this new round of evil mayhem proclaim to Israelis: We don’t want to live alongside you. We want to kill you and force you out of here,” the TOI director and former editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post wrote.

The second important observation in Horovitz’s op-ed is that, contrary to what is commonly thought, the current uprising is a well organized one. Most commentators in Israel claim that the wave of terror attacks is not organized or orchestrated like the Second Intifada that raged from 2000 until 2004.

Horovitz, however, makes it clear that the current knife jihad is indeed orchestrated by the Palestinian leadership and others.

“But what we face now is (an) unknown numbers of potential attackers, who’ve been stirred to murderous fervor by a thoroughly organized campaign of hatred against us.

“The message that ‘the Jews are plotting against Al-Aqsa’ has been pushed for months by Palestinian political chiefs, spiritual leaders, mainstream and social media: Mahmoud Abbas in speeches to his people (he finally lost the Israeli middle ground with his false accusation last week that Israel executed the teen Pisgat Zeev stabber); Fatah in leaflets and Facebook posts; Hamas in videos; the Islamic Movement agitating inside Israel; Arab Knesset members… all these and others have been throwing fuel onto the fire,” Horovitz wrote.

Horovitz forgot to mention Islamic State’s role in the renewed terror war against Israel. As Western Journalism has reported, Islamic State has a presence on the Haram al-Shariff (Muslim name for Temple Mount) where the al-Aqsa mosque is located. The terrorist who caused mayhem in the southern city of Beer Sheva on Sunday was affiliated with Islamic State.

Yesterday, ISIS released four videos promoting the knife jihad against Israel and Jews. The videos were uploaded with the hashtag “#Beheadthejew.”

“The first video, which originated in Iraq’s Nineveh Governorate, claims that Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem ‘was conquered by the lowest of people – the Jews,’ who ‘sowed destruction in it.’ The propaganda video also maintains that the Jews ‘murder the Palestinians, arrest them, torture them, and violate their honor while broadcasting misleading videos.’

“The video’s narrator explains, ‘While all of this is happening, the knives and daggers were taken out so that they will be sated by the blood (of the Jews). A response for a response and an eye for an eye. That is the way of the descendants of Saladin – a jihad for Allah. The ground under the Jews’ feet will become a volcano. Their blood will flow and their body parts will be scattered,’” the Israeli news site Ynet reported.

“Frighten them with car-bombs…turn them into rotten corpses and scattered body parts. Know that the soldiers of Islam are fighting here in Iraq, Syria, in Khorasan, the Caucasus, and in West Africa, but their eyes are pointed at Jerusalem, and they will enter it with Allah’s help,” the narrator continued.

The battle for Jerusalem is one of the end goals of Islamic State and will take place after two major battles between a Muslim army and 70 nations in Syria, according to Islamic State’s end-time vision.

Another ISIS member said in the video that Palestinian Arabs should not trust Hamas or Fatah because they only serve their own interests and “are collaborators of the Crusaders (the West) and others are collaborators of the (Iranians).”

In the fourth video, an ISIS member implores the Palestinian Arabs not to wait any longer and to go out and kill Jews.

“What are you waiting for? For those organizations (Hamas and others) to open their (weapons) caches to you? Be Lone wolves who attack Allah’s enemies. Carry what you can as far as weapons go and murder them where you find them.”

“Bring the fear back to the Jews by explosion, arson, and stabbing,” the man said.

This type of incitement is playing a big role in the current suicide stabbing war. The goal of the incitement is clear: every Muslim in Israel has the duty to kill Jews; and by doing so, he contributes to the realization of an old dream: the annihilation of Israel. Even young children are brainwashed to kill Jews, as this video of a young Palestinian Arab girl from Jordan proves:



U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, however, has another idea about what is happening in Israel. Kerry saidafter his meeting with Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo in Madrid yesterday that the knife attacks against Jews in Israel are “random acts of violence.”

This article was first published at Western Journalism. com