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West Bank heats up, tension in north Israel

By Missing Peace
Riots in Old City of Jerusalem last FridayRiots in Old City of Jerusalem last Friday

The last few days have seen a significant increase in Palestinian violence in the West Bank. Riots returned to East Jerusalem last Friday and are still continuing.

In Gush Etzion there were at least two attempts to stage a terrorist attack. On Friday an Israeli woman was hit by an Arab driver when he drove his car into the bus/hike stop on the main intersection on highway 60.

Earlier that week Palestinians stormed a neighborhood in the settlement of Har Gilo. They threw stones at the windows of houses and forced the residents to flee.

Today Israeli Border police prevented a major attack when they stopped a car that was loaded with explosives at the Tzur Hadassah checkpoint in Gush Etzion. The car was on his way to the centre of Israel.

Until now Palestinian police has acted to prevent major violence but there are reports that Abbas has now ordered his security forces not to intervene anymore.

The first time that this happened was on Friday when thousands of Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces at the Kalandia checkpoint near Ramallah. Two Palestinians were fatally shot in these clashes. Three Palestinians were killed in stone-throwing protests in the village of Beit Umar near Hebron.

Since Friday in total nine Palestinians have been killed during violence on the West Bank

Pundits have pointed out that a continuation of the war in Gaza could now spark a third Intifada.

Meanwhile tensions have been on the rise in the north of Israel as well. The Israeli army has been put on high alert along the border with Syria and Lebanon. Since Saturday Israeli fighter jets are constantly patrolling the skies in northern Israel and south Lebanon.