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Saoudi paper about the Arab Spring and the conflict with Israel

By Missing Peace

Abdulateef Al-Muhlim

Arab News,  a  leading source of commentaries and news on Saudi Arabia, just published a remarkable commentary by columnist Abdulateef Al-Muhlim on the reality in the so called ‘Arab Spring’.

In his piece Al-Muhlim wrote that ‘Israel was a bounty for Arab dictators who used the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to rule their countries and make a lot of money by just issuing hollow threats to Israel’.

‘Israel is a moneymaking machine for Arab dictators and many Palestinian corrupt officials. In other words, the Arab dictators have forgotten to develop their countries and innocent people have paid for it with their own lives. This is the reality of the Arab Spring’, according to Al-Muhlim.

He continued by stating that ‘Arabs hate each other more than the outside enemy and that is the reason why no one in the Arab world showed any sympathy to the Syrians when Israeli planes attacked Syrian targets a few weeks ago.

As a matter of fact, even hardcore anti-Israelis wished the Israeli planes had continued eastward and attacked the Syrian Presidential Palace and killed an Arab leader named Bashar Assad’.

He then claimed that many in the Arab world sided with Israel against when Israel attacked Syria and that the Israeli’s are the ones who show care for the Arab victims of the civil war in Syria.

Al Muhlam: “After the attack, we saw many Syrians approach the Israeli-fortified checkpoints in the Golan Heights, not to attack Israeli soldiers, but to seek refuge and get medical attention. I am not talking about simple medical care. I am talking about major surgeries like the four-year-old Syrian girl who got a heart transplant at Wolfson Hospital in Holon, Israel.

This is the real Arab Spring. Syrians are hurting Syrians and the Israelis are the ones who treat the Syrian wounds”.

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