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Report: The Netherlands tried to copy Oslo peace process last winter

By Missing Peace
Former Dutch FM Uri rosenthalFormer Dutch FM Uri rosenthal (ANP)

Dutch papers today report that The Netherlands held secret talks with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators last winter. The goal of these talks was to restart the peace process with the Dutch in the role as facilitator.

According to Dutch media, former Dutch FM Rosenthal and MP Ten Broeke (Liberal Party VVD) led the efforts to mediate between Abbas and Netanyahu. The Dutch also tried to broker a deal about the release of Palestinian prisoners and the  supply of Russian weaponry to the PA.

The Dutch involvement came to an end when US secretary of state John Kerry launched his own initiative to restart the peace negotiations.

Sources in The Netherlands said that both PA president Abbas and Israeli PM Netanyahu put preconditions on the table which they knew were unacceptable for the other party.

This way they succeeded to stall the mediation effort.

You can read the report in the Dutch paper NRC by using Google translation: