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Study shows: Second Intifada was planned by the PA

By Missing Peace

Third Intifada might be in the making

Palestinian violence in the West Bank (foto Reuters)Palestinian violence in the West Bank (foto Reuters)

In February Israeli Channel 10 broadcasted two documentaries that were supposed to give a reconstruction of the Second Initifada.  The program named Ha Makor (The source) interviewed many experts but astonishingly repeated the false claim that former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon started the Second Intifada by visiting the Temple Mount.

Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount in September 2000 was presented by the Palestinian Authority as a provocation that provoked a spontaneous uprising

JCPA researcher Jonathan Halevy now published a study in which he presents compelling  evidence  about Arafat’s personal responsibility for the outbreak of the Second Intifada and about the fact that the uprising was planned by the PA directly after the failed peace talks at Camp David in July 2000.

What Halevy didn’t mention however, was that Sharon’s visit had been coordinated with Jibril Rajoub of the Palestinian Authority. He made arrangements with Shlomo Ben Ami who was minister of Foreign Affairs in the  government of Ehud Barak.

Marwan Barghoutti’s involvement in organizing the Second Intifada was described by Halevi but he omitted Barghoutti’s admission that he had mobilized the  masses on Palestinian TV on the eve of the outbreak of the Intifada.

The way the PA operated in the week leading up to the Second Intifada is similar to what is happening now.

The hunger strikes by some Palestinian prisoners and the sudden death of a Palestinian inmate who reportedly suffered cardiac arrest in Meggido prison, are used to incite against Israel and to mobilize the masses. 

Here is for example of this incitement by the PA in a report by the Palestinian paper Al Quds that was published last week. 

Al Quds reported about a press conference given by PA minister Qaraqei in which the hungerstrike by Palestinian inmates was used to mobilize the Palestinian street.

“Qaraqei held in a press communiqué yesterday the Israeli government responsibility for the “health and humanitarian tragedy of the four hunger strikers Samer Issawi, Ja`far Izz Aldeine, Ayman Sharawneh and Tareq Qa`dan”, citing next Monday will be a crucial day to the hunger striking prisoners because it is going to be a milestone in terms of popular solidarity with them.

The detainees` affairs ministry distributed a letter from Samer Issawi in which he said: “I am stronger than the occupation army and its racist laws. I am Jerusalemite Samer Issawi will leave this will to you in case I would become a martyr and that you spread my soul as an outcry for the sake of the male and female prisoners”.   (Al-Quds)

Today the PA showed no interest in cooling down the situation in the West Bank,  when it  lied about the autopsy of the Palestinian who died in Meggido prison. According to the PA the autopsy revealed that torture caused the death of the inmate.

However the Abu Kabir  Institute, that conducted the autopsy, reported that the body showed no external physical injuries other than those suffered during resuscitation attempts and a small bruise on the right side of the chest.

A third intifada is not what the Palestinian citizens want at the moment, according to a new Awrad poll, but history has proven that in the Middle East a war can erupt in a split second.

Full text of Jonathan Halevy’s study into the Second Intifada can be reviewed here: