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Haniyeh: Palestinian reconciliation dependent on non recognition of Israel

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Palestinian reconciliationPalestinian reconciliation

On Thursday Gaza’s Prime Minister Ishmael Haniyeh  made clear that for Hamas Palestinian reconciliation is dependent on non recognition of Israel. Haniyeh said that Hamas wants reconciliation that ‘does not concede national constants and will not serve policies that have proven failed’. A clear reference to the Oslo peace accords.

Meanwhile Fatah Central Committee Azzam Al Ahmad called upon the international community to support the Palestinian reconciliation which he called a ‘stabilizing factor’.

It is hard to fathom how this reconciles with Haniyeh’s demand for non recognition of Israel.

In related news Jerusalem Post correspondent Benny Weinthal reported that Bulgaria had expelled a Hamas delegation during an unofficial visit in Sofia.

Bulgaria  said that it had expelled the Hamas delegation because the terrorists threatened national security, according to Sofia News Agency.

Hamas immediately blamed Israel for the expulsion.  “We condemn this act, which reflects the scale of compliance with Zionist pressures,” Hamas spokesman Taher al-Nunu said.

Just yesterday Hamas leader Ahmad Yousef boosted that Hamas was beginning to break through in the European arena. His optimism was based on recent invitations to Hamas delegations by EU countries

Yousef also said he had ‘information” the source of which he could not disclose that most EU countries, with the exception of Germany and the Czech Republic, do not have reservations regarding taking Hamas off the terrorist list.

Al Quds report about Palestinian reconciliation


Fatah Central Committee member in charge of the reconciliation file Azzam Al Ahmad said yesterday that the meeting between Hamas and Fatah, which was scheduled for the 19th of the month had been postponed until the 27th.

In a statement last night, Al Ahmad said the postponement was made at the request of Hamas through its representative Mousa Abu Marzouq.

The meeting was to coincide with the completion of voter registration in the West Bank and Gaza to discuss the formation of a unity government and names for its ministers.

In his press statement, Ahmad also called for the international community to support the reconciliation, which he said would be a ‘stabilizing factor’ and support for any political path or negotiations that could be launched on clear political and legal bases. He also said the resumption of the CEC’s voter registration in Gaza and the West bank were ‘important steps towards achieving full reconciliation.”

In related news, deposed Prime Minister of the Gaza government Ismail Haniyeh said his movement was serious about achieving reconciliation but on condition that this reconciliation ‘protected our Palestinian constants, the resistance and safeguards the strong points of our people.”

In a press statement after a meeting with a Jordanian delegation to Gaza, Haniyeh said Hamas wanted reconciliation that did not concede national constants, concede the right of return or recognize Israel,” saying they were prepared for this type of reconciliation. “We hope everyone will support us in this and that the reconciliation will not serve policies that have proven failed or one that will be a mere tactic.” Haniyeh also stressed on the need to save Jerusalem from Israeli plans, especially those around the Aqsa Mosque.

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