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Unique pictures of snow in Jerusalem

By Missing Peace

Israel experienced extreme winter weather this week. This caused a record rise in the level of the Sea of Galilee, Israel’s main fresh water basin. The lake has been severely depleted since the last wet winter in 2003.  Now the level of the lake has already risen by more than a meter since the start of the winter.

Floods caused havoc on roads and residential neighborhoods. Leading to some spectacular rescue operations by the IDF and rescue teams.  IDF units even rescued Palestinians in the Nablus area, which is under PA control.

On Thursday heavy snow caused a complete standstill in economic and social life in mountain area’s. Schools closed and people stayed home from work.

But the snow storm had a positive flip side too. Israeli’s tend to celebrate the snow like a real feast. Whole families were involved in snowball fights and the building of snowmen.

When we made the pictures below  from a lookout south of Jerusalem people wished us ‘chaq sameach’ (happy holiday) and ‘enjoy the snow’.

The pictures below show the city of Jerusalem and the Bethlehem area. Enjoy!

Jerusalem Thursday Jenuary 9th 2013Jerusalem Thursday Jenuary 9th 2013

Snow in Israel 035

Snow in Israel 009

Snow in Israel 041