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Hamas leader Abu Marzouq: never negotiations with Israel

By Missing Peace

 Hamas leader Abu Marzouq


Deputy Hamas politburo Chief Mousa Abu Marzouq said Israel would be incapable of halting arms supplies to the Gaza strip; and yet, emphasized that the border with Egypt is under control.

In this context, Abu Marzouq pointed out that the official level and talks have no connection to this illegal file, in reference to Israel`s claims about arms smuggling to Gaza via tunnels.

These operations “are impossible to be eliminated despite of controlling the border and the crackdown on smugglers”, Abu Marzouq cited.

Regarding the chances that Hamas engages in negotiations with Israel, Abu Marzouq firmly said his movement “is not negotiating and will never hold negotiations with Israel”.


The intransigence of Hamas is no news but in light of the reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah Marzouq remarks should function as a wake up call to European leaders. They view Palestinian unity as an important element to reach a solution in the Mid East conflict.

Meanwhile PA chief negotiator Saeb Arekat sounded no less irreconcilable when interviewed by the Voice of Palestine.

Responding to a question about the EU en other initiatives to restart the peace process Arekat said:

All the talk about new initiatives is just that: talk. There were discussions between the President and five European countries: France, Germany, the UK, Spain and Italy in which the EU confirmed its initiative to propose ideas about a timetable and a halt to settlements. Europe said it would consider it, but there is nothing that we can say is a real move.

The question is, do we really need new initiatives or new ideas? All the president wants is a timetable for implementation to end the occupation. We all know that the current Israeli government may simply become an extension of the post-elections government so we need an initiative to halt settlements. We cannot repeat the same experience and expect different results. That is crazy. So if the US or anyone else tries to restart the process in the same way, this is just madness. What we need for a credible process is first, a halt to settlements, including in Jerusalem and the release of prisoners. That is the key’.

The PA has set pre conditions for restarting  peace negotiations ever since the current Israeli government came into office.

In a somewhat related development the head of the Palestinian Water Authority Shadad Atilli denounced a World Bank report about the feasibility of the so called Red-Dead pipeline.

Atilli said that the Palestinians have several issues with the project and that he could not accept the plan until it becomes clear what the Palestinian share is in the project. He then said that the Palestinian share should be water from the Sea of Galilea (Sea of Tiberius according to Atilli.)