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Ceasefire holds (for now), but what was behind it.

By Missing Peace

Many Israeli’s are puzzled by the government’s decision to enter into a ceasefire agreement with Hamas.
So what was behind it?
Some observations:
The ceasefire came into being after direct US interference. Clinton arrived in Israel and a day later all was settled and done.
Pundits have suggested that the White House pressured the Israeli government into acceptance of the CF terms.
The Prime Minister’s Office  denies this however.
We think that a ground invasion was never a real option in this current round of fighting. Only two ministers in the Israeli security cabinet were in favor.
The goal was to restore Israel’s deterence vis a vis Gaza and it was decided from the outset that it would be a limited operation.
Hence airstrikes.
It his highly doubtful that Israel succeeded in its mission. The Palestinians are celebrating a victory right now. They are not deterred at all
Some even say that the White House was in favor of a ground operation because that would have been an opportunity to restore PA rule in Gaza and to topple Hamas.
However when it became clear to the US that Israel used the build up of ground forces only to pressure Hamas the White House started to favor a ceasefire. Why?
The Americans started do the match.  The US foots most of the bills of the Iron Dome system including the launch of rockets.
Each missile that is launched to intercept incoming Gazan rockets cost at least 60.000 $ including R&D costs.
Iron Dome shot down 421 incoming warheads. That’s more than 26 million dollar.