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A new Middle East??

By Missing Peace

In Tunis Islamists vow to destroy Israel, while  Egyptians   ban Jews from visiting tomb of Rabbi


Hamas PM Haniyeh in Tunis

Jerusalem, January 10, 2012


On Monday Ismail Haniyeh visited Tunisia, during his first official Middle East  tour as the prime minister of Hamas in Gaza.

During that tour he tried to generate support for his plan to launch a ‘holy war to liberate Jerusalem’.

Difficult times

When he addressed a cheering crowd in Tunis, he predicted ‘difficult times ahead for Israel’.

 He also said the following:

“Israel no longer has allies in Egypt and in Tunisia, we are saying to the Zionist enemies that times have changed and that the time of the Arab Spring, the time of the revolution, of dignity and of pride has arrived”.

“We promise you that we will not cede a single part of Palestine, we will not cede Jerusalem, we will continue to fight and we will not lay down our arms,” he said.

“To Tunisia we say: ‘It is us today who are going to build the new Middle East’.”

Haniyeh’s comments were met by loud cheers and the crowd chanted: “Death to Israel”.

Islamist activists welcoming Haniya were heard chanting slogans like: “Kill the Jews, it is our duty”, along with anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian messages.

According to AFP, the rally, held at a sports stadium, was organized by the Islamist Ennahda party, which recently won Tunisian elections.


Those who think that the Fatah dominated PA is now prepared to make peace with Israel because it attends negotiations in Amman should take a look at the latest report of Palestinian Media Watch.

The organization reported today that the on January 4th the PA again  commemorated  the most deadly terrorist attack against Israeli citizens ever. This was done by broadcasting a video in which Dalal Mugrabi  was glorified for leading that attack and for ‘declaring the (Palestinian) republic’.


Another development that signals that Israel is indeed heading for difficult times, was reported by Al-Masry al-Youm.

The Egyptian paper reported that a political alliance that encompasses the Muslim Brotherhood and the ‘moderate’ El Baradei movement wants to ban ‘Zionists’ (meaning Jews) from visiting the tomb of rabbi Abu Hasira.

In 2009, Israeli reports indicated that ousted President Hosni Mubarak
agreed to a request on behalf of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
to allow hundreds of Israelis to celebrate the festival.

The rabbi died in Damtu in 1880. Every year, thousands of Jews come to celebrate
the anniversary of his death.

Abu Hasira was born in Morocco and, according to Jewish lore, the ship that
was carrying him to Palestine sank. Abu Hasira floated on a straw mat which
eventually landed on Syrian shores. The rabbi, according to Jewish
tradition, went from Syria to Palestine and then on to Egypt.
The alliance said they will form human shields to prevent any “Zionist”
visitors from visiting Abu Hasira’s tomb in the near future, saying that
such a visit was unpopular, and unacceptable legally and politically,
state-run news agency MENA said.

Also in Egypt, Yousouf  Al-Badri, a Sunni cleric called upon Sunnis and Shiites to unite and to use the Iranian (!) and Pakistani nuclear bomb against Israel.

He made his call in an interview on Iranian television.

Arab spring

People who still think that a ‘new’ Middle East is emerging from the ‘Arab Spring’ should read Andrew Bostom’s book ‘Islamic anti-Semitism’.

The only one  thing that is really new here, is that the long existing Jew-hatred in the Arab countries will now  be used to prepare the masses for the final ‘holy war’ against Israel by a new Sunni led Islamist coalition (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan,Gaza)  that emerged from the Arab spring

Israel will have now have to deal with an Islamist bloc in the North formed by Iran, Hizbollah and Syria, which could be joined by Iraq, and this new Islamist bloc in the south.

As a result Israel already increased its defense budget with 3 billion dollar and decided to deploy more IDF units along the Egyptian border.