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North Korea heavily involved with Iran’s nuclear and missile programs

By Missing Peace
North Korean ballastic missile in Musadi-ri

New information about North Korea’s involvement in Iran and the armed opposition against the Khamenei – Ahmadinejad regime


The Jerusalem Post reports today that Iran is set to produce 20% enriched uranium in a facility deep underground in Qom. This seems to be consistent with a report on Israel radio yesterday that Iran was on the verge of conducting very sensitive ‘tests’ in an underground facility.



The South Korean paper  The Korea Times, citing an anonymous source,  yesterday reported that hundreds of Korean nuclear and missile experts are working in Iran.

The intelligence was based on human sources, according to the paper. The Korea Times furthermore reported:

“The source with access to intelligence on the years-long weapons collaboration between Pyongyang and Tehran said the North Koreans are visiting Iran via third countries and many of them are being rotated in every three to six months.

The North Korean experts are from the country’s so-called Room 99, which is directly supervised by the North’s ruling Workers’ Party Munitions Industry Department. The room, which can be translated as office or bureau, is widely believed to be engaged in exports of weapons and military technology.

South Korea’s top spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, said it could not confirm the North Korean-Iranian cooperation, citing intelligence matters”.

This information is consistent with what Michael Ledeen writes in his latest article about the mysterious explosions in Iran.

Ledeen wrote the following:

 “Before we get to the whys and wherefores, a bit of detail:  the huge detonation at Karaj, which, as I have explained, surprised the attackers and distorted our understanding.  The operation was aimed at the Revolutionary Guards Corps, specifically at General Hassan Tehrani Moghadam, who was both the architect of the national missile program and one of the nastiest officials in that legendarily nasty organization.  The attackers did not know that there was a large quantity of rocket fuel on the base that day (which was the reason Moghadam was there).  The special fuel came from North Korea, and it was supposed to double tne range of Iran’s missiles.  The explosion that killed Moghadam and scores of his comrades ignited the rocket fuel, with dramatic results.  To date, 377 dead have been reported to the supreme leader’s office.  Among the dead are the attackers–they couldn’t escape the big explosion–and at least four North Korean officials, who were there for the celebration.Ledeen also wrote that he doesn’t believe that supreme leader Khamenei was the target of the explosion in Bidganeh (Karaj) but also wrote the following:

“Of course, as always with things Iranians, you’ve got to caveat what you think you know.  It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been misinformed.  But, on the other hand, I’ve been a lonely voice for quite a while, saying that the opposition (call it the Green Movement, for lack of an updated logo) would become more violent, that the movement was, if anything, more powerful than it was at the time of the big demonstrations a year and two years ago, and that the regime was full of opposition sympathizers and collaborators”.

As we wrote yesterday, our sources have told us something different about Khamenei’s planned visit to the base in Bidganeh.

The question whether  Khamenei was the  target of the attack in Bidganeh is not the issue however. What’s really important is, that it is almost sure that forces inside Iran finally have decided to take up arms to fight the regime.

That conclusion is based on both our sources and Michael Ledeen’ s reporting, who is known as a reliable source for information on Iran.

Another important conclusion that can be drawn, is that North Korea is heavily involved with the Iranian nuclear and missile program.