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ISIS satellite images prove Times report about Isfahan explosion false.

By Missing Peace
Satellite imagery of the Isfahan UCF before Noverber 30th

On November 30th Missing Peace published a report about a mysterious blast in the vicinity of the Iranian town of Isfahan.

In the report we provided evidence that a Times article about the same explosion contained serious inaccuracies.  We proved that contrary to what The Times wrote, no uranium enrichment facility could have been the subject of an explosion, because there does nor exist such a facility in Isfahan.

We also interviewed Dr. Ali Reze Nourisadeh, an Iranian Middle East expert living in England and asked him about the explosion. He told us at the time that there had been no explosion at the Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) in Isfahan.

When asked what could have been the cause of the blast then, he answered that the explosion took place on an ‘air force base’ in the same area. He said that it was a base where converted Chinese surface to air missiles were stored.

Now ISIS, the Washington based Institute for Science and International Security, released satellite imagery of the Isfahan nuclear site that seems to support the conclusions of Dr. Nourisadeh.

On the images released by ISIS no visible damage is visible at any structure at the Isfahan nuclear site.

However, a facility roughly 400 meters away from the nuclear plant underwent a significant transformation recently, according to ISIS. In fact the satellite imagery shows clearly that all buildings at the site are gone.

Facility in the vicinity of the Isfahan UCF completely destroyed


ISIS reports that ‘it had learned that this underground facility was originally a salt mine dating back to at least the 1980s, and that it has more recently been used for storage.  It is unclear what Iran stored in this underground facility’.

The new information provided by ISIS gives definite proof that the Times report was completely false but seems to be consistent with Nourisadeh’s conclusions about the event.

It could be that the facility in the vicinity of the UCF plant was in use as an air defense base and that the giant blast was indeed caused by the explosion of 400 stored surface to air missiles (SAM) at the site.