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Al Arabiyah confirms Missing Peace report about Khamenei assasination attempt

By Missing Peace
Khamenei during the funeral of Moghaddam after he escaped assasination

Two weeks ago we ran a story about the mysterious blast in Isfahan in which we also reported news about the other explosion in Bidganeh in which general Moghaddam was killed. http://missingpeace.eu/en/2011/11/isfahan-blast-part-of-secret-war-against-iranian-regime/

At the time we wrote:
So what really happened in Isfahan?

Dr. Ali Reza Nourisadeh, an expert on Iran who writes for Al Sharq al-Awsat, told us on the phone from London that the explosion took place on air force base 8 near Isfahan. He said that 400 converted Chinese missiles were destroyed by the blast, as well as a rocket fuel depot.

He also reported that the explosion in Bidganeh two weeks ago, destroyed 180 long range missiles as well as warheads.

Nourisadeh based his comments on information he received from sources inside Iran.

Daniel Ashrafi, an Iranian expat now living in Canada, told us that Ayatolla Khamenei was supposed to be on the air force base in Bidganeh, when the first explosion took place. His arrival was delayed, however.

Now The Jerusalem Post reports that Al Arabiyah confirms that members of the IRGC have been arrested for plotting to kill Khamenei. Among those arrested is Khamenei’s son Mojtaba Khamenei.

This is consistent with the information we received from Ashrafi and Dr. Nourisadeh.
It shows that within the Revolutionary Guards there is now clear discord. But it also shows that the regime is not longer untouchable.

According to Daniel Ashrafi this was the second attempt to assasinate Khamenei this year. Earlier Khamenei’s car was targeted during a visit to Iranian Kurdistan.

Earlier this week the regime warned Iranians against contacts with foreigners. This was another sign that Khamenei and Ahmadinejad know that their regime is now under serious attack by opposition forces who apparently receive help from foreign intelligence services.

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