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Publication UN report causes break down in Turkish Israeli relations

By Missing Peace

This is the first publication of the long expacted and delayed UN report dealing with the Mavi Marmara incident last year.
The main conclusions in the UN report:

  1. Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza is legal under international law
  2. The flotilla acted recklessly in attempting to break the naval blockade
  3. The actions of the flotilla needlessly carried the potential for escalation
  4. The incident and its outcome were not intended by Israel nor Turkey, yet more could have been done by Turkey to dissuade the Mavi Marmara passengers from their actions
  5. Israel’s decision to board the vessel with substantial force was excessive and unreasonable
  6. IDF personal faced significant organized and violent resistance requiring them to use force for their own protection
  7. The loss of life and injuries resulting from the use of force by the IDF during the take over of the vessel was unacceptable
  8. There was signicifant mistreatment of passengers after the take-over until their deportation
  9. An appropriate statement of regret should be made by Israel, and Israel should offer payment for the benefit of the deceased and injured
  10. Turkey and Israel should resume full diplomatic relations

Full report by the Palmer commission.
Read here:
Israeli Channel 2 news last night reported that Turkey will cut off relations with Israel.
Additional points:
Once more a UN report condems Israel for using excessive force. Apparently the Palmer commission ignored Israeli evidence proving that IHH terrorists on board of the Turkish ship were armed with guns. This also became clear from a BBC documentary that was broadcasted at the end of 2010.
Please watch the second part of this documentary showing IHH terrorists trying to down a helicopter and Israel commando’s shouting that live fire came in from the ship, here:

The UN report will almost certainly result in the implementation of Erdogan’s so called ‘plan B’ (see link below).
No UN report is expected on Turkey’s assault on the Kurds in Turkey and in Iraq during the same period as the Mavi Marmara incident took place.
Recently Turkey has bombarded Kurdish villages in Iraq killing more than 160 Kurds
No UN investigation is under way and no international outcry has been heard about these killings.
See our latest report on Erdogan’s crack down on the Kurds:

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