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Bashing Israel on behalf of the Protestant Church

By Missing Peace
Meta Floor wrote on her website that Naim Khoury (a pro-Israel vicar from Bethlehem), collaborated with the Israeli army during the second intifada. Mr. Khoury asked her to take the article from her website because this would endanger his life, Meta Floor refused to do so.

Meet Meta Floor guest of the state of Israel
Meta Floor is employed by the Dutch protestant organization Kerk in Actie, an offshoot of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. Currently she works as a K.i.A envoy at Sabeel in Jerusalem.

Sabeel is the Palestinian Christian organization responsible for the Kairos document. This NGO is also behind the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel.

‘Kerk in Actie’ works together with ICCO a large protestant organization dealing with the third world (togetthere program). Kerk in Actie funds Floor’s activities in Israel with 70.000 Euro a year.

A statement by Kerk in Actie on Floor’s website mentions noble goals like the promotion of a just peace between Jews and Palestinians, mutual recognition of each other’s history and equal rights.

In reality however, Floor only promotes Palestinian rights and demonizes Israel. She also denies Jewish rights in the land of Israel and especially in Jerusalem.

Floor lives in Jerusalem and returned to Israel early November 2010 for another three year term.

She is actively promoting the BDS campaign against Israel and wrote on her website about her participation in demonstrations on the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

She also organizes “fact finding tours” for foreigners. According to a very reliable source who participated in one of these tours they are one big Israel bashing event.

Sabeel is also involved in the organization of the second Free Gaza flotilla. The Dutch offshoot of Sabeel finances the Dutch participation in the flotilla and announced it will send an envoy who will sail on the Dutch/Italian ship. http://www.vriendenvansabeelnederland.nl/vrijheidsvloot_gaza.htm

This envoy, Bert Middel expressed anti-Semitic views on the website of Sabeel Holland. http://www.vriendenvansabeelnederland.nl/pdf.2011/Kleine%20catechismus%20van%20het%20anti%20Semitisme.pdf

A Sabeel statement about the flotilla on Floor’s website calls for people all over the world to end the siege of Gaza, to remove the yoke of occupation and to work for the freedom and liberation of Palestine.

Recent activities
In June 2010 Missing Peace published an investigation into one of Floor’s reports about demolition orders issued by the Israeli civil authority to Daoud Nasser a Palestinian farmer living in the Gush Etzion area. Floor reported that Israel issued the demolition orders as a measure of oppression. However, Daoud Nasser himself told Missing Peace that he had built several structures without building permit and had refused an earlier order to take them down.

We found that almost all of the claims in Floor’s report were false.

Our report was also sent to her employer in the Netherlands. We did not receive any reaction.

Floor publishes newsletters about events in Israel that are full of distortions and hatred towards Israel.

In 2010 she published a piece about a Baptist vicar from Bethlehem, Naim Khoury. Naim Khoury is a Palestinian man who is pro-Israel and his narrative about the fate of the Christians in Bethlehem contradicts the Kairos narrative which Floor is promoting.

Against the wishes of Naim Khoury she published the confidential content of their conversation (labeled by Khoury as a cross examination) including the sensitive parts about his own experience with Muslim abuse in Bethlehem.

In her article she also suggested that he had collaborated with the Israeli army during the second intifada, thereby endangering his life. Khoury asked her to take the article from her website which she refused to do so.

Khoury has been a victim of Muslim attacks in Bethlehem for many years, his brother was murdered by Muslims and his church torched 14 times.
http://www.metafloor.nl:80/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=223&Itemid=68 (Khoury article on Floor’s site)

Here are some examples of writings in Meta Floor’s letters as published on her website:

-Reporting about the Gaza war, she used comparisons with the Holocaust which focused on the murder of children. Her articles are rife with comparison between the Holocaust and the plight of the Palestinian Arabs, but also with comparison between Apartheid and the situation on the West Bank and Gaza.

She criticizes fellow Christians who support Israel by using the same arguments.

For example she wrote that guilt about the Holocaust does not justify support for Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians who had no part in the Holocaust whatsoever. Needless to say she did not mention Hadj Amin Husseinni’s widely recorded collaboration with Hitler.

-She reported about the neighborhood Silwan in Jerusalem where “Israel was about to evict 1500 Palestinians from their homes in order to create a park”. This was an outright lie as the major of Jerusalem was planning to reach an agreement with some of the 1500 Palestinians living there. These negotiations were about voluntary movement to the other side of the neighborhood. The purpose of the plan was to reorganize the neighborhood where almost all the buildings are built illegally, and to restore an ancient park that was demolished as a result of the widespread illegal building.

-In April 2010 she reported that “Israel was set to deport some 70.000 Palestinians from the West Bank”. and “This proves that the PA does not have any authority over the West Bank”. This story also proved to be a libel against Israel, there were no plans for mass deportations.

Her information was based on a Ha’aretz Amira Hass article that was full of false claims, as was proven in a Missing Peace investigation.

-On April 30 2010 she reported that: “the occupation of the “Palestinian territories” is for many South Africans comparable with Apartheid”. A system that also was meant to remove “black spots” from “white South Africa”.

– In answer to a question from one of her readers who asked her why she did not check out facts with the Israeli authorities, she responded that “this would be the same as talking to the Germans during the occupation of the Netherlands during WW2″.

– In March 2010 she published an outright libel against Israel by Flemish theologian Jart Vortman in which he claimed that Israel was in the midst of an ethnic cleansing of the Arabs in Jerusalem. This article was also subject of an investigation. In this case all of Vortman’s claims were proven false.

Below is a cartoon Floor published on her website last Christmas. Joseph and a pregnant Mary are harassed by Israeli soldiers.

Cartoon published on Floor's website
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